Recessed Linear LED lights for Windmark Studio

Groovy LED lighting in recording studio at Santa Monica.

Very interesting light position pattern throughout the whole studio. Each light can be controlled individually from Centerlight’s wall RGBW controller, which allows to set up an amazing light cycles, dimming, color change, day and night light, to control lights from the wall stick and mobile device.

Middle sized recessed linear fixture vs.6332 capable of providing moderate amount of light for general lighting purposes. In combination with Centerlight’s LED series, the fixture vs.6332 gives an amazingly even light spread out, without dark spots or diodes visible.

LED inside is the new generation of DREAMLED series Chameleon Platinum, which combines an RGB and 4000K day light options. The strip itself has three lighting options; RGB, 4000K and RGB + 4000K. The regular RGB side capable of providing full color spectrum. 4000K side is regular day white with dimming capability. 4000+RGB both sides of Chameleon platinum is on, day white adds an additional tones to RGB side. It allows to mix colors with light or darker tones and create new colors.

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