Attention-Grabbing Staircase Lighting Design

Assignment: Attention-Grabbing Staircase Lighting Design
Client: Private Residence
Location: Los Angeles, California
Luminaire Base: VS.4932

The Project
There’s simply no challenge that we won’t at least attempt to create for our clients. It is our pleasure to personally visit project sites and speak with private clients to understand better their concerns, expectations, and visions about the spaces they would like to illuminate. In some small rooms or staircases, a single linear overhead luminaire is enough. However, for this space, the client looked for lighting to capture the imagination while remaining practical and cost-effective.

Technical Aspects

This linear fixture layout was carefully created for a private residence in our hometown of Los Angeles. The most challenging aspect of this interior space fitted fixtures into the glass mosaic surface, an uneven finish. Luckily, the versatility of recessed linear fixture vs.4932 and our experienced team of installers allowed us to complete the project entirely. Although the entire set-up looks complicated because of the limited area, the light output can be easily adjusted by a simple dimmer that features proper lumen output per square footage requirements. The lighting also dims down to 1%, meaning it can stay on 24/7 for an always-impressive look.