Custom Linear Lighting for City Cakes NY

Assignment: Custom Linear Lighting for City Cakes NY
Client: City Cakes NY
Location: New York
Luminaire Base: Custom LED Linear Lighting

The Project
Centerlight, an award-winning provider of architectural lighting solutions, has partnered with NY Cakes, a Manhattan-based confectionery renowned for its delicious and artistic desserts. This collaboration focuses on the importance of premium architectural lighting in enhancing a brand and ensuring the success of a retail business.

For this project, Centerlight developed a custom linear lighting system tailored to the unique needs of NY Cakes. The process began with a comprehensive lighting design project, which included 3D models and detailed lighting calculations, followed by production in Centerlight's custom shop in Los Angeles, using only the highest quality materials.

The fixtures were quickly and efficiently shipped to the location, with Centerlight's team of experienced engineers providing hands-on assistance with control and installation. Hear directly from Spencer Diminick, one of the individuals responsible for opening the NY Cakes location, about the importance of choosing the right lighting system, their experience with Centerlight, and the success of their collaboration.