Yoga Studio Premium LED Lighting Design

Assignment: Yoga Studio Lighting Design
Client: Namastday Yoga
Location: Beverly Hills, California
Luminaire Base: NS.3691, NS.1911

The Project
Centerlight was tasked to elevate the atmosphere of an already elegant Beverly Hills yoga studio. The foyer as well as the two large exercise halls required general lighting - plus, the client wanted ambient lighting that would add extra personality to these spaces. To make their dream a reality we utilized several LED linear lighting models, all which served a unique purpose.

Technical Aspects
Ample general light was required to illuminate the studio’s foyer, which doubles as a retail space. To create something truly unforgettable, we suspended four custom LED linear fixtures (NS.1911 luminaire base) at different heights to create a visually impactful, starburst-shaped pendant light. Centerlight’s ULTIMATE X2 day white LED tape offered sufficient general lighting for this important interior space. To highlight the Namasday Yoga logo on the wall behind the studio’s front desk, we installed two 8’ long, surface-mounted Centerlight LED linear fixtures. We then placed multicolor LED tape inside of these dual NS.3691 fixtures to create a vibrant focal point.
The studio’s two exercise halls also required a combination of general and ambient lighting. For the general lighting, we relied on partially-recessed LED linear fixtures (NS.1911 luminaire base) that varied in length from 3’ to 6’ long. This fixture has a three-way diffuser that spreads light in different directions, which allows the high CRI ULTIMATE X2 warm white LED tape from Centerlight’s DREAMLED series to properly illuminate the expansive interior space. To create ambient lighting in the studios, we placed two LED linear fixtures (NS.3691 luminaire base) that measured over 40-feet in length at the top and bottom of the statement walls. Inside are Centerlight’s Chameleon X2 LED tape from the DREAMLED series - a multi type RGB tape that is able to generate hundreds of colors and shades, creating a wall-washing effect that is visually stunning.