Premade LED Linear Fixtures for Humane

Assignment: Premade LED Linear Fixtures for Humane
Client: Humane, SF
Location: San Francisco
Luminaire Base: Premade LED Linear Fixtures

The Project
Centerlight, an award-winning provider of architectural lighting solutions, has collaborated with Humane, a San Francisco-based company building the first AI Hardware and Services Platform, to create a visually stunning and comfortable working atmosphere in their office space. This partnership highlights the significance of premium architectural lighting in enhancing the work environment and boosting the visual appeal for employees, clients, and business partners.

For this project, Centerlight designed Premade LED Linear Fixtures specifically tailored to meet Humane's unique requirements. The process commenced with an extensive lighting design project, which involved creating 3D models and conducting detailed lighting calculations. Subsequently, production took place in Centerlight's custom shop in Los Angeles, utilizing only the highest quality materials.
Centerlight's team of experienced engineers ensured the fixtures were promptly and efficiently shipped to the location, providing hands-on assistance with control and installation. We take immense pride in this project and the opportunity to help illuminate Humane's workspace.