Khoshbin Garage High-End LED Lighting Design

Assignment: Khoshbin Garage High-End LED Lighting Design
Client: Manny Khoshbin
Location: Irvine, CA
Luminaire Base: NS.5050 Linear Fixture

The Project
Manny Khoshbin was looking for a suitable custom linear lighting solution for his $1 million garage with a high color rendering index, which did not flicker (which is very important for filming content for an audience of over 2 million subscribers) and increased visual appeal. This project required a continuous linear layout to be suspended over the entire area of the client's garage. Manny's company needed industry experts to bring this vision to life, so they turned to Centerlight. Despite the minimalist aesthetic of this lamp, its creation was no small feat.

Our exceptional experience creating spectacular linear lighting allowed us to take this project from conception to completion in a brief period. As with all custom projects, Centerlight's team of knowledgeable sales and technical staff worked with the client to provide the guidance, support, and assistance needed to create a unique environment that perfectly matched their expectations.

Technical Aspects

After meeting with the client and learning about their goals for this project, our team suggested building a mock-up using the NS.5050 light base, which can deliver a considerable amount of lumens despite its slim shape. While all Centerlight LED linear lights provide a visual impact, the NS.5050 is perfect for creating creative and captivating layouts due to its unique streamlined appearance and impressive features.

The individual lighting fixtures used on this display ranged in length from 2 to 60 feet to create an artistic and dynamic pattern. To provide a more aesthetically pleasing look to the room, it was crucial to the client that these lights showed no separation from one another. And that the lighting consisted of one long connected run. Also, of great importance for the client, these fixtures needed to mount flush with the ceiling, showing no signs of the fixture base. For the perfect execution of this request, Centerlight built framing channels along the fixture path before installation. This allowed the lights to be mounted inside the ceiling while aligning the light perfectly at ceiling height.  Centerlight specializes in this type of linear continuous beautiful lighting. The design consisted of four unique areas separated by different linear sizes and spacings. Fully dimmable from 0 to 10V, the entire arrangement is controlled by a single dimmer switch for added convenience. Even more impressive is that this sophisticated plant is virtually maintenance-free.