Custom RGB Lighting Design for Luxury Yacht

Assignment: Custom RGB Lighting Design for Luxury Yacht
Client: Private Yacht
Location: Los Angeles, California
Luminaire Base: VS.6332, NS.1911
LED Strip: Platinum RGB
Lighting Control Panel: Nicolaudie Stick-DE3

The Project
We recently had the pleasure of working on a unique and exciting project that involved creating custom RGB lighting for a yacht. This project was an excellent opportunity for us to showcase then versatility and performance of our RGB lighting and control system. Centerlight engineers used multiple luminaire designs while customizing to angles that suit the interior architecture.

One of our Platinum RGB system's major advantages is its huge range of applications. The experts at Centerlight have meticulously crafted and programmed the Nicolauide Stick-DE3 control panel to facilitate an unparalleled experience of themed lighting. This feature is of great utility to the client, granting them the flexibility to effort lessly customize the ambiance of their gatherings and celebrate each occasion instyle, be it a sophisticated soiree or a lively celebration.

Our team of experts was honored to bring this project to life with finesse and efficiency, executing it with the utmost precision on a turnkey basis. We were responsible for every aspect of the project, from its initial installation to the final on-site modifications, ensuring that every detail was attended to. The results were spectacular, and the client was overjoyed with the outcome. They lavished praise upon the impressive performance and atmosphere we could create aboard the yacht, a testament to the seamless integration of our Centerlight and remote and app control features.

We, at Centerlight, take immense pride in the exceptional work we have accomplished in this project, a true testament to our commit ment to excellence. It serves as a remarkable showcase of the impact our system can have in elevating the ambiance and creating an unforgettable experience. If youseek the epitome of RGB lighting solutions for your yacht, look no further than our magnificent Platinum RGB system. With its advanced technology and exceptional functionality, it is the perfect choice for those who demand the very best. Allow us to bring your vision to life, and bask in the radiance of a truly transformative lighting experience.