Custom Premade Dragon LED Lighting Solutions by Centerlight

Assignment: Custom Premade Dragon LED Lighting Solutions by Centerlight
Client: Private Company
Location: West LA, California
Luminaire Base: Premade Dragon LED Series

Project Overview
Welcome to our latest project in West LA, California, where we proudly present a versatile commercial space featuring a ground-floor restaurant. This project represents a collaborative effort with our long-standing partners at American First Construction, with whom we've successfully executed numerous similar ventures.
For over a decade, Centerlight has been at the forefront of providing businesses across the nation with premium architectural lighting solutions, catering to a wide range of commercial and residential properties.

Technical Excellence
The cornerstone of this project revolves around enhancing both the exterior and the building's visual aesthetics. Our primary objective was to transform this space into a vibrant and distinctive structure, boasting extraordinary architectural lighting.
Enter the Dragon system—a dynamic lighting solution capable of turning any building or space into a true landmark and a captivating focal point. Beyond its commercial benefits, the Dragon system excels at creating unique atmospheres, even within personal residences.

Key Features of the Dragon System:
1. Individual Control: Each line of the Dragon system offers individual control, facilitating the creation of dynamic lighting designs that stand out.
2. Advanced Connectivity: Seamlessly connect to a robust software controller, providing a wide array of settings and scenarios. This empowers you to make lighting adjustments based on specific dates, days of the week, times of day, or even customized scenarios for special occasions and holidays.
3. User-Friendly Control: Manage the Dragon system in real-time through specialized controllers or a user-friendly mobile app, offering easy and intuitive control at your fingertips.
4. Effortless Installation: Designed for straightforward installation, the Dragon system arrives ready from the factory, ensuring a hassle-free setup. It operates on a low-voltage safety system, is waterproof, and UV-stable, guaranteeing both safety and longevity.

The second integral facet of this project focuses on interior spaces. Specifically tailored to the client's exact specifications, our custom workshop was able to create a series of unique fixtures. These fixtures not only illuminate rooms but also accentuate staircases, all meticulously crafted in under two weeks.
Centerlight is your trusted partner in illuminating spaces, whether they be commercial or residential, with innovation, artistry, and precision. Explore this project to witness the transformation of architectural spaces into captivating works of art.