Atmosphere LED Lighting Design for Private Residence

Assignment: Atmosphere LED Lighting Design for Private Residence
Client: Private Residence
Location: Los Angeles, California

The Project
Centerlight is proud to present a custom lighting project that we completed a couple of years ago for a private residence in Los Angeles. Our client, the owner of a beautiful mansion, wanted to create a specific ambient lighting scheme to highlight the stunning interior and exterior details of their home and create an exciting atmosphere. They also wanted to increase the value of their property through the use of high-quality lighting.

To meet these needs, we worked closely with our client to design a custom lighting project that would perfectly suit their vision. We used our premium fixtures, known for their beauty and durability, to create a stunning lighting scheme that enhances the natural features of the mansion.

We were thrilled to work with our client on this project and are proud of the beautiful results that we were able to achieve. If you are in need of custom lighting solutions for your home or business, we invite you to contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.