Atmospheric Restaurant Lighting Design

Assignment: Atmospheric Restaurant Lighting Design
Client: Samosa House
Location: Los Angeles, California
Luminaire Base: NS.5050

The Project
When it came to creating custom lighting for LA’s Samosa House, we wanted to create a warm, inviting, and upscale atmosphere that highlighted the restaurant’s unique cultural charm. Already decorated in traditional Indian colors and patterns, we sought to bathe the room in a warm golden glow in order to make every patron feel cozy and relaxed.

Technical Aspects

To achieve this desired vision, we paired LED ambient lights and linear pendant lighting. From the ceiling, we suspended LED linear fixtures ns.5050 that included warm white DREAMLED series ULTIMATE X2 as their light source. These incredible pendant lights are subtle and stylish, yet emit enough light to properly illuminate the entirety of the restaurant’s dining area.
To highlight the wall behind the counter, we used light to create an eye-catching focal point. Just a single LED strip ULTIMATE X2 generates about 640 lm/ft - which is powerful enough to spread out 180 degrees and bathe the wall in a chic, austere glow. This type of light also has a dimmable capability so that it can easily be customized to align with the needs of the space on any given night.