Creative Office LED Lighting Design

Assignment: Creative Office LED Lighting Design
Client: dots SPACE
Location: Beverly Hills, California
Luminaire Base: NS.1911, VS.4932, NS.4932

The Project
The custom project completed for dots SPACE in Beverly Hills, California required an approach that was as ingenious at the contemporary co-working space itself. Here, a combination of recessed, partly-recessed, and surface-mounted LED linear lights came together in perfect harmony to create a finished product that is bold enough to make a statement but subtle enough to never detract from the office’s collaborative atmosphere.
To keep the look of the space fresh and cutting-edge, we gave each section its own individual LED lighting style. In the common room we placed partly-recessed LED linear lights in a seemingly random pattern, which added visual impact to the open workspace. The individual offices, conference room, and kitchen area featured custom LED linear lights in a more uniform layout. But it’s the hallway’s surface mounted LED RGBW rectangles that add drama and elegance to this vibrant project.

Technical Aspects

In the expansive common room, we created a playful pattern using partly-recessed LED luminaire base NS.1911. Each surface mounted, partly-recessed fixture features a thin aluminum base and a 3-way diffuser. Inside, a single LED strip provides about 400 lm/ft, which is ideal for any area in which several lights have been installed closely to one another.
The uniform linear pattern featured in the offices, conference room, and kitchen area had a unique function - Despite their close proximity, every single LED fixture had to illuminate a specific area and couldn’t interfere with each other. To achieve this, we used recessed VS.4932 luminaire base for this LED linear fixture. Each LED strip provided 600lm/ft, which was the appropriate amount of light for a more enclosed office space.
Centerlight’s ability to create custom LED linear lights is perhaps best showcased in this project’s hallways. Our LED linear lights can be cut, extended with connectors, and perfectly tailored to complement absolutely any installation type. Here, the client chose NS.4932 luminaire base that can easily accommodate two LED strips inside, to create a compact LED linear fixture. For this project we paired a standard day white (4000K) LED strip with the DREAMLED series Chameleon Platinum - a unique LED tape that creates captivating color tones and shades. This allowed the workspace to be easily alternate between regular white lighting and bold colors, depending on how the space was being utilized.