Funky Recording Studio Lighting Design

Assignment: Funky Recording Studio Lighting Design
Client: Windmark Studio
Location: Santa Monica, California
Luminaire Base: VS.6332

The Project
Our custom linear lighting added a bit of extra edge to this Santa Monica recording studio. Just like the music industry itself, we wanted the final project to be cool, dynamic, and incredibly exciting. Our team of experts worked together with the client to come up with breathtaking accents throughout the entire studio that would awe every artist and producer who set foot inside.
Because the music industry is always changing, we wanted to install lighting that wasn’t restricted to a single trend. That’s why all of the linear lights you’ll find within Windmark Studio can be dimmed, change color, switch from day to night, or rotate through dynamic color-change cycles. These features can be easily controlled using either Centerlight’s wall RGBW controller or a mobile device.

Technical Aspects

For general lighting purposes we installed the linear fixture VS.6332 - a mid-sized, recessed fixture capable of providing ample lighting for general purposes. When paired with Centerlight’s LED series lighting, this fixture provides even illumination without the presence of dark spots or visible diodes.
Inside each fixture you’ll find the newest combination of DREAMLED series Chameleon Platinum, which combines RGB and 4000K daylight options. The RGB side is capable of providing a full spectrum of colorful lighting, while the 4000K side features regular day-white light and with dimming capabilities. Use them together and you’re also able to create a fuller range of color thanks to the addition of light and dark tones.