Sleek LED Residential Lighting Design

Assignment: Sleek Residential Lighting Design
Client: Private Residence
Location: Hollywood Hills, CA
Luminaire Base: VS.4932

The Project
This amazing custom LED linear lighting project proves that there’s no custom project that Centerlight can’t handle. Here, we were given the task to enhance the beauty of an already breathtaking private residence in the Hollywood Hills. The living area was already decorated with luxurious furniture and high-end finishing - it was our job to install an awesome LED lighting layout that enhanced the atmosphere of the space without detracting from the existing décor.
Despite its intricacies, Centerlight’s professional team installed this dramatic layout within a short period of time. We’re extremely proud of this particular project, as it proves that Centerlight is capable of completing even difficult custom jobs with the utmost care, service, and professionalism. The client was extremely satisfied with the custom work we created, which is ultimately the goal of any custom project that we undertake.

Technical Aspects

This visually-impactful project required continuous parallel and perpendicular lines of LED light to cross and flow into each other, forming an amazing pattern. Our task was to find lights that could be perfectly integrated within the space’s existing architecture. For this project we chose the linear fixture vs.4932, as it could be cleanly placed into recessed wooden panels located on the ceiling and walls.
Here, we combined a single-line LED strip of Chameleon Platinum with RGB color with a 4000K day white LED strip. This combination allows for an increased range of color options and more dynamic tones than could ever be created by a standard RGB LED strip alone. It also allows the client to control the intensity, change the color, and continue to personalize this project long after its completion.