Premade LED Linear Fixtures Series for ARRI Rental

Assignment: Premade Linear Fixtures for ARRI Rental
Client: ARRI Rental
Location: New York
Luminaire Base: Premade LED Linear Fixtures

The Project
Centerlight, a leading architectural lighting solutions provider, has been working closely with ARRI Rental, one of New York City's longest-standing independent real estate companies. With over a decade of experience in delivering award-winning lighting solutions, Centerlight is headquartered in Manhattan, near properties managed by ARRI Rental, including an office space rented by an audio equipment manufacturer.

Over the past few years, Centerlight has effectively addressed a range of lighting challenges for ARRI Rental, using high-quality LED solutions to illuminate various properties in its management portfolio. With over 70 years of experience, ARRI Rental recognizes the importance of choosing the right lighting supplier to enhance property values.In this project, Centerlight used more than 40 RTS linear lights from their Los Angeles warehouse, ensuring quick shipping across the United States. To meet the client's specific lighting requirements, Centerlight provided a lighting project with a 3D model and detailed lighting calculations. This allowed ARRI Rental to review and approve the lighting system before installation.

Hear directly from ARRI Rental about the challenges they face and how Centerlight's expert lighting solutions help them overcome these obstacles.