Contemporary Master Bedroom Lighting Design

Assignment: Contemporary Master Bedroom Lighting Design
Client: Private Residence
Location: Los Angeles, California
Luminaire Base: NS.1613

The Project
Upscale luxury was the ultimate goal for this spectacular Master Bedroom in a private Bel Air residence. To achieve a living space that was chic, contemporary, and truly one-of-a-kind, we used our expert knowledge to supply the homeowner with a completely customizable lighting combination of cove and wall lighting. The result was a breathtaking interior space with high-end appeal.
To completely transform the atmosphere or ambiance by adjusting the captivating lighting fixtures' output color temperature via DMX touch screen wall panel. There, they can dim the lights to change the space’s focus, change the color output to match their mood, and transform the warmth of the lighting thanks to the impressive 2200k - 6500k LED range.

Technical Aspects

For this incredibly specific project, linear LED Luminary NS.1613 was tailored to fit between the client's custom wall panels perfectly. This fixture provides amazingly seamless connections and customizable dimensions and captivating reflections on the wall or ceiling.
The DUO LED series lights within the fixtures to feature a high Color Rendering Index, which means that they produce a real and authentic color that rivals natural sunlight. They can also be dimmed down to 0% so that the amount of light emitted can be perfectly adjusted depending on the needs.