Iconic Wave House Lighting Design

Assignment: Iconic Wave House Lighting Design
Client: Private Residence
Location: Venice, California
Luminaire Base: NS Series

The Project
We were thrilled to feature our impressive lighting techniques within Venice, California’s iconic Wave House - an artistic architectural feat with a stylish Gaudi-esque appearance. We worked together with the home’s design studio to determine the type of lights necessary, installation specifics, and exact dimensions during the initial construction phase. Convenience, speed, and reliability are exactly what every client who works with us receives. We were incredibly proud to deliver and install everything well within the required deadline for this exemplary project.

We think that this modern, artistic home is the perfect way to showcase our custom lighting projects' modern, artistic nature. You’ll find Centerlight fixtures throughout this impressive architectural feat - Unique linear lights offer unmatched ambiance in the shower, precisely measured fixtures highlight the remarkable artwork on the walls, and long seamless linear lights illuminate the entirety of the interior.