Magfinity Track System Lighting Design for Conference Hall

Assignment: Magfinity Track System Lighting Design for Conference Hall
Client: The Village Towers Conference Hall
Location: Houston, TX
Luminaire Base: Orion & Starline

The Project
The Houston conference center in Texas recently had this lighting project completed in collaboration with Current Lighting Solutions, Centerlight’s partner in Texas. The conference hall consists of two rooms, can be used for various events, and requires a lighting system that could be easily adjusted to meet the needs of different events, from concerts and stage performances to conferences and banquets.

Our company recommended using Magfinity, Centerlight’s flexible magnetic track and luminaires for the project. These luminaires offered a high color rendering index (CRI) and were chosen because they provide superior color reproduction, are easy to install and adjust, and are high quality. The flexibility of Magfinity is excellent for this environment, allowing the clients to change the fixtures anytime to produce different work environments. The high CRI of the luminaires is crucial for accurately reproducing colors in the background, making them ideal for events that require precise and high-quality lighting.

The lighting project exemplifies the potential of innovative design and high-quality materials to create exceptional lighting installations. Using European design and top-notch materials ensures that the lighting system will be long-lasting and provide consistently high-quality lighting.