Palazzo by Khoshbin - High-End LED Lighting Project

Assignment: Palazzo by Khoshbin - High-End LED Lighting Project
Client: Manny Khoshbin
Location: Costa Mesa, California
Luminaire Base: NS.5050 Linear Fixture, Premade Linear Fixtures RTS

Project Overview
Welcome to the Palazzo by Khoshbin lighting project, an exquisite showcase of Centerlight's expertise in high-end LED lighting. Situated in the vibrant city of Costa Mesa, California, Palazzo stands as the latest addition to the illustrious portfolio of our esteemed client, Manny Khoshbin – a visionary American entrepreneur, real estate investor, and proud owner of a multimillion-dollar car collection.

A Testament to Trust
Over eight years ago, Centerlight embarked on its first custom architectural lighting project for Manny's garage, setting the stage for an enduring partnership. The fact that Manny has chosen us once again speaks volumes about the satisfaction derived from our collaboration and the enduring quality of our lighting solutions. We are immensely proud to have the opportunity to bring his vision to life once more.

Technical Excellence
At the heart of this project lies a bespoke lighting solution meticulously crafted by our team, tailored to enhance Manny's legendary garage and its priceless car collection. Our journey commenced with an exhaustive lighting design phase, where we intricately fused the client's desires with a focus on architectural aesthetics, functionality, and immersive lighting experiences.
Leveraging Centerlight's state-of-the-art lighting products, boasting remarkable photometric characteristics and a Color Rendering Index (CRI) exceeding 95%, we effortlessly achieved our goal. The result? Every vehicle in Manny's collection basks in a radiant glow that emulates natural sunlight, delivering steady, flicker-free illumination, perfect for capturing million-dollar footage. Our lighting solution is built to withstand the test of time, just as it has in our previous projects, serving faithfully for many years without significant issues.

Expanding Horizons
In this project, our expertise extended beyond the garage, illuminating the office spaces with equal finesse. We harnessed over 50 premade fixtures, specifically the popular RTS models, renowned for their outstanding photometric performance. These fixtures are readily available in our California warehouse, ensuring swift delivery across the United States. To underscore our commitment to excellence, they were shipped promptly to the client just one day after the order was placed.
At Centerlight, we take immense pride in illuminating spaces with a touch of artistry and technical precision, and the Palazzo by Khoshbin project is a testament to our unwavering dedication to quality and client satisfaction. Explore this project to witness the synergy of architectural aesthetics and cutting-edge LED lighting.