Zen Garden Lighting Design

Assignment: Zen Garden Lighting Design
Client: Private Residence
Location: Los Angeles, California
Luminaire Base: VS.6332

The Project
Some of Centerlight’s most impressive developments are the custom lighting projects we’ve completed for private clients. In this particular instance, the client was a returning customer who we had built an excellent relationship with. We were thrilled to once again create a custom LED linear lighting project that would make their personal residence truly awe-inspiring.
The client’s garden featured distinct Asian influence and was located adjacent to a poker room used for entertaining. Ultimately, the goal was to add a creative finishing touch to the already breathtaking architecture present within the exterior landscaping. Although this project required an immense amount of vision and effort, our team was able to complete it in a short amount of time and bring the client’s incredible concept to life.

Technical Aspects

This project required a relatively small fixture that would emit an appropriate amount of light for moderately-sized interior/exterior area. We also needed a fixture that would complement the bold wooden structures that surrounded the garden’s breathtaking statue. That’s ultimately why we chose VS.6332 luminaire base for this linear fixture.
To illuminate this exterior living space, Centerlight developed a special LED tape called DreamLED shell series. This LED tape is covered in a silicon casing so that it is flexible, durable, and can withstand any changes in temperature or weather conditions. All of the lighting fixtures used in this project offer an array of RGB colors that can be changed with the push of a button using Centerlight’s remote. The colorful lights bathe the garden and adjacent poker room in a beautiful ambient light that effortlessly enhances the spectacular atmosphere of the area.