Magfinity Magnetic Track System at United Porte NJ

Assignment: Magfinity Magnetic Track System at United Porte NJ
Client: United Porte
Location: New Jersey (NJ)
Luminaire Base: Magfinity Magnetic Track System

Project Overview
With a legacy spanning over a decade, Centerlight has been the trusted provider of exceptional lighting solutions for distinguished businesses nationwide. Today, we invite you to explore our recent triumph in the heart of New Jersey—a project that has added to our legacy, United Porte's boutique showroom.
Drawing upon our extensive experience, we have successfully completed numerous projects for spaces akin to United Porte's boutique showroom, specializing in creative retail and office environments for various esteemed companies. This rich history empowers us to swiftly and efficiently cater to our clients' needs, as we did in the case of United Porte.
Our mission was clear: to craft a lighting solution that not only enhances visual appeal but also provides functional illumination, effectively showcasing the advantages of the products on display and, ultimately, contributing to increased sales.

Technical Excellence
In the pursuit of this mission, our journey began with the creation of a meticulously designed lighting system. This design took into account every nuance of our client's preferences, meticulously balancing functionality and ambiance. Our choice for the foundation of this lighting solution was our proprietary magnetic track system—Magfinity.
Why Magfinity? Because it embodies modern architectural track lighting and seamlessly integrates with the space, becoming an integral part of its design. The advantages of Magfinity include:

1. Flexibility: Tailored to specific lighting requirements, Magfinity can adapt to individual objects and usage scenarios, making it perfect for boutique retail spaces.
2. Adjustability: With Magfinity, lighting can be easily repositioned, fixtures can change direction, and additional lights can be added as needed, ensuring the perfect ambiance and highlighting the featured products.
3. Outstanding Color Rendering: Like all of Centerlight's lighting solutions, Magfinity boasts a Color Rendering Index (CRI) exceeding 95, ensuring that illuminated objects appear natural and appealing to discerning clientele.

As an additional enhancement, we introduced FTC luminaires from our collection of pre-made linear fixtures. These luminaires effortlessly blend into the interior while delivering impeccable functionality. Their extensive use in numerous commercial projects underscores their noteworthy advantages.