Seamless Outdoor LED Lighting Design

Assignment: Seamless Outdoor LED Lighting Design
Client: Private residence
Location: Los Angeles, California
Luminaire Base: VS.6332

The Project
Our impressive industry knowledge allows the Centerlight team to create a wide variety of linear lightscapes for our clients. The one that we are perhaps the proudest of is this long, continuous run of pure and clean illumination, which was built by using 100 yards of LED linear fixtures.

Technical Aspects

Here we used the vs.6332, a 2” wide luminaire base that is the perfect choice for recessed outdoor lighting because of its reliable capacity for customization and high LED output capability. We paired this with the Chameleon X2 Shell series, which also offers a seamless, high-quality run. To control the light emitted amount of color, we can also install everything from a professional DMX system to a simple wireless remote control.