Ultramodern Linear LED Showroom Lighting Design

Assignment: Ultramodern Linear LED Showroom Lighting Design
Client: Inscape Corporation
Location: Merchandise Mart, Chicago
Luminaire Base: NS.3535

The Project
The Inscape Corporation was looking for a bold linear lighting fixture that would make their space within Chicago’s expansive Merchandise Mart stand apart from the competition. Originally developed by Figure 3 Design Company, this project required a continuous linear layout to be suspended above the entirety of the client’s showroom area. Figure 3 Design Company needed industry experts to bring this vision to life, which is why they turned to Centerlight. Despite this fixture’s minimalist aesthetic, creating it was no small feat.
Our exceptional experience in creating impactful linear lighting allowed us to take this project from conception to completion within a very short period of time. As with all custom projects, Centerlight’s team of knowledgeable salespeople and tech personnel worked with the client every step of the way to provide the guidance, support, and assistance necessary to create an impressive atmosphere that perfectly aligned with their expectations.

Technical Aspects

After meeting with the client and learning about their individual goals for this project, our team offered to construct the layout using the NS.3535 luminaire base, which can provide a huge amount of lumen output despite its very slim shape. Although all of Centerlight’s LED linear fixtures provide visual impact, the NS.3535 is ideal for creating creative and captivating layouts thanks to its unique, streamlined appearance and impressive capabilities.
To create a pattern that was both artistic and dynamic, the individual light fixtures used in this display varied in length from 2-feet to 60-feet. The design consisted of four unique areas that were separated by varying linear lengths and intervals. Fully dimmable from 0 - 10V, the entire layout is controlled by a single dimmer switch for added convenience. Even more impressive is the fact that this intricate installation requires virtually no maintenance whatsoever.