Radiant Retail LED Lighting Design

Assignment: Radiant Retail Lighting Design
Client: Standard Architectural Firm
Location: Hourglass Cosmetics Flagship - Venice, California
Luminaire Base: NS.5050

The Project
When Standard Architecture was tasked with creating a chic, fashion-forward retail space for the Hourglass Cosmetics flagship location, they turned to Centerlight’s expert lighting team. On this custom project, our knowledgeable and talented staff members worked with the client to create an intimate retail space that is as cutting-edge as the cosmetics company itself.
Backlighting for the rectangular makeup mirrors, backlit shelves for displaying products, and invisible cove lighting all had to come together in perfect harmony. To do so, a wide variety of custom linear lights were used to execute the client’s desired lighting solutions. But nothing was more impressive or prominent than the suspended lighting fixture, which acted as an important focal point within the retail space.

Technical Aspects

Because we were looking to create a warm, inviting atmosphere within this chic, minimalist space, warm white DreamLED tape with high CRI was a necessity for all of the store’s illuminated areas. Properly placed LED tape also eliminates the possibility of dark spots and creates a continuous line of illumination - or a “wash” effect. That’s why placed DREAMLED tape behind the walls to create invisible cove lighting.
The showpiece of this project, however, was a suspended lighting fixture that follows the line of the zig-zag counter featured prominently in the center of the store. To achieve this, we used linear light model NS.5050, which offers a continuous band of light with incredibly strong connections. The same NS.5050 model was also used to create recessed side lighting for the mirrors, which only reveals this type of fixture’s incredible versatility.