Simultaneously graphic and subtle, Magfinity is flexible, precise, and as creative as you.

An excellent choice for both commercial and residential spaces, Magfinity is high-end geometric linear LED lighting. Highlight the best features of your space with this clean-cut and modern fixture. Magfinity boasts an angular track and a series of functional designer luminaries.

 How does it work?

Once the track has been installed, our designer luminaries snap in place and connect automatically through the magic of magnets. This allows for an infinite amount of combinations with our designer lighting and accent fixtures. Our designer luminaries are available in various sizes and can be exchanged and repositioned quickly, without tools, with artistic results. 

The Magfinity tracks create a slim, clean slot, and pre-configured corners complete the system that can run up, around, and across walls and ceilings. 

What are the benefits of choosing Magfinity?

Centerlight strives for a perfect balance of form and function. We make sure our products look elegant, unique, usable, and durable; we test every product rigorously. 

Easy to specify, with an easy-to-modify layout, and a large variety of elegant spots, pendants, and area light fixtures designed by Centerlight, makes for a versatile lighting choice for new property developments.

There are different mounting options to suit your specific needs, making it possible to install the Magfinity in any space. 

Recessed is our recommended installation; the track system is mounted inside the ceiling, hidden - for a clean, modern, and minimalistic look. This mounting option is what we Recommend.

The suspended option is especially useful for residential applications and concrete ceilings, where recessed lighting is not an option. 

Surface Mounted;  The track system is mounted on the ceiling for a Stylish, modern, and designer look. Used when the recessed system is not suitable, and the ceiling’s height is not ideal for suspension.

Versatility and customization

Centerlight’s designer Luminaries are all designed to perform and to impress. Each fixture provides a powerful glare-free beam of light; some are flexible and can be revolved to point in the desired direction, accentuating wall art, countertops, or hallways. The fixtures can easily be detached and reattached with no tools needed, and their minimal design complements various décor themes. At the same time, its sleekness makes it a welcomed addition to a contemporary space. Magfinity lighting fixtures align perfectly, and Centerlight offers Track-covers to cover unused areas with a smooth black finish.

Choose your mounting option:
Our recommended installation; the track system is mounted inside the ceiling, hidden - for a clean, modern, and minimalistic look. Developed specifically for open spaces with drywall ceilings, and especially new construction.
x $99 = $99
Fixtures for magnetic track
Starline S
Starline M
Moonline S
Moonline M
Orion S
Orion M
Capella S
Capella M
Starline Fold S
A quirky small linear LED luminaire for general illumination. Isolated beam angle design for the soft illumination. Power consumption 8W. Lumen output: 560lm
Color temperature
Beam angle
x $99 = $99
Corners and Accessories
90 degree corner
A simple 90 degrees angle connector for recessed L-shapes layouts.
x $49 = $49
Power supplies and connectors
Steel box for remote power supply
Power plate
Dimmable power supply
Steel box for remote power supply
An accessible enclosure for remotely located LED driver. For an easy and secure power installation. Maintenance accessible, convenient mounting options.
x $29 = $29