Creating a custom linear light Project

Centerlight builds custom LED linear lights to your specifications. Customizing the length, the shape, and the color - utilizing premium quality LED components.
We are providing an excellent experience from conception - to the completed installation.

We created our configurator to help you specify the desired custom fixtures for your project. It navigates you through the options, making the specification process easier and convenient, and allows you to create a list of fixtures needed.

How it works

1. Concept by an Architect

The first step is your inspired lighting idea — an idea created by the vision of a future space that turns into a layout and the final concept. Just a simple sketch and references or layout drawing on the plan will get us started. For inspiration, look here.

2. Centerlight's options for the project

Based on your layout - we offer a variety of detailed options that would closely match your design. We go over all of the options with you to make sure to find the perfect one. During this step, you can explore, reform, and make any changes in our selection or your layout.

3. Specification / Dimensions

After reviewing the options and understanding your orders' specifics, we require a full detailed lighting configuration, including dimensions, required wiring, and other options. It helps us to provide the best and most accurate estimates.

4. Estimate / Contract

Our estimates are usually precise and correct. You can make sure that everything you required is included. Once all costs and lead times have been agreed upon, you will sign the contract with CENTERLIGHT, and production begins!

5. Manufacturing

Each step of the custom lighting assembly has been developed to perfection after years of grind and hard work. You can count on our expertise and skilled craftsmanship to deliver the best lighting product for you. Also, your sales representative may provide you with a detailed spec diagram if you need it.

6. Delivery / Installation

Once manufacturing has finished with your product, CENTERLIGHT will organize delivery according to our shipping agreement with you in the contract. If you choose to purchase Master installation services from CENTERLIGHT, we will complete the installation for you within the agreed-upon time frame.

Some of released custom projects

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