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Centerlight Strikes Gold At Muse Design Awards for ‘Seamless Outdoor LED Lighting’

May 11, 2021

The Muse Design Awards grants Centerlight with another gold award with its ‘Seamless Outdoor LED Lighting.’ Located in Beverly Hills, the Seamless Outdoor LED Lighting uses the high-end custom LED base that is the perfect choice for recessed outdoor lighting. This is due to its premium capacity for upscale customization in outdoor recessed linear LED lighting and high LED output capability.

Using customized LED lighting, Centerlight created a long, continuous run of pure and clean illumination, which was built by using 100 yards of LED linear fixtures.

Centerlight’s transformative modern outdoor recessed linear LED lighting can change the illumination to eye-catching scenes to set the residential atmosphere for any night life the affluent client seeks.

Capable of adding the ability to create any atmosphere through simple programming of the control system.  Centerlight’s premium upscale lighting technology for this custom project is manufactured to be weatherproof. To withstand dirt, rain, or snow the outdoors has to offer. The type of customization done with this project in Beverly Hills has broadened the scope of what Centerlight can do for premium outdoor recessed linear LED lighting.