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Choosing the Best Lighting For Office With No Windows - Centerlight

Looking for tips on how to brighten up an office with no windows? You've come to the right place! This article provides a list of windowless office ideas to illuminate your office space without windows.

Simulating natural light in a room without windows can be a challenging task. However, there are options available, which will be discussed in this article.

Working in an office without natural light can be a struggle, leading to feelings of fatigue and lack of energy. Instead of trying to find ways to avoid work or wishing for a faster time, why not address the problem? 

Setting up an office in an ideal location can be difficult, especially if your industry is concentrated in an expensive neighborhood with limited space. In such cases, you may have to settle for a small, windowless office. This article provides clever ways to make the most of your windowless space.

Office lighting is crucial, particularly in open-concept floor plans and glass-walled meeting rooms. It creates a pleasant atmosphere, enhances motivation and productivity, improves memory recall, and reduces fatigue. Proper illumination is key to achieving this environment in your home office.

If your office lacks natural light, you can use simple decor tricks to brighten up the space without spending a fortune on expensive lighting. Here are ten easy fixes that will instantly add light and charm to your windowless office.

Lighting Solutions for Windowless Office

  • Imitate Natural Lighting

To simulate natural lighting in a windowless office, consider using cool blue or white lights to encourage concentration and productivity. Alternatively, warmer orange or yellow lights can create a more relaxing atmosphere. Some offices even adjust the lighting color throughout the day to mimic natural light for office. If your office has fluorescent lights, you can use fluorescent light filters to reduce the blue spectrum and make the lighting more natural. Additionally, incorporating cove lights and other hidden light fixtures can provide indirect illumination similar to window light. Cove lights are built into ledges, recesses, or beams and project light toward the ceiling or adjacent walls. Hidden lights, on the other hand, are more affordable and can be placed discreetly on shelves or behind furniture. Lamps and task lights can also be used to replace or supplement overhead lighting, allowing individual employees to adjust the lights to reduce glare and save energy by turning them off when not in use.

  • Use LED light

LED lights are a great option for simulating natural light in a windowless office. They can mimic the color, temperature, and brightness levels of natural light. Placing recessed LED lights in the ceiling to mimic skylights can be highly effective in brightening up a windowless office. In this way, LED lights can serve as a viable alternative to natural skylight effects.

  • Choose a Light Wall Color

If you have influence with management in the corporate world, you may be able to request a change in the wall color of your windowless office. Choosing bright colors like blues and pastel greens can create a more natural and uplifting atmosphere. However, it may not always be feasible to paint the walls. In such cases, you can opt for vibrant wallpapers and wall covers that reflect light and make the room look brighter and more spacious. Light-colored wall and surface coverings can also have a similar effect. Repainting the office with light paint colors or incorporating bright wallpaper designs can significantly improve the mood and productivity of your colleagues and employees. Pastel colors like white, cream, light baby blue, or light lime green can create a fresh and bright environment that effectively reflects any available light source. Bright yellow can inspire positivity and energy, serving as a substitute for natural sunlight. By considering the principles of color therapy, you can enhance employee morale and increase workplace productivity. Bright wallpapers with light and vibrant colors or natural materials like brick or wood can also enliven your space and add character to a windowless office.

  • Add Living Greens

To compensate for the lack of natural light in your office, enhance the office decor with light-tolerant plants such as spider plants, ferns, or succulents. These plants not only contribute to a healthier office environment by keeping the air clean but also create a brighter and more refreshing atmosphere. Incorporating greenery in your office decor can have a significant impact on the overall ambiance and make the workspace feel more vibrant. Choose plant varieties that thrive in low light conditions, such as peace lilies, snake plants, philodendrons, and certain types of palms and ferns, to maximize the benefits. Additionally, adding green plants not only enhances the aesthetics of the office but also improves the air quality, ensuring a constant supply of fresh oxygen for your staff.

  • Reflect Light With Mirrors

Mirrors are a valuable addition to any office, especially one without natural light. They have reflective properties, as do metallic materials and finishes. By reflecting light off other surfaces, mirrors can help fill the office with more light. Consider placing several mirrors in your office or cubicle to maximize the limited light available. Light mirrors can be used to increase the brightness of the office, bouncing light off another surface to make the room appear brighter and more spacious. Mirrors not only create the illusion of a larger space but can also mimic a window, reflecting even dim light and amplifying its illumination. They are an effective solution for brightening up a windowless office. To enhance your office design, choose a floor-to-ceiling mirror and strategically place mirrors to best reflect sources of light, adding brightness to the space.

  • Hang a Few Art Pieces

Adding a few art pieces is an effective way to decorate and brighten your windowless office. Opt for art pieces with white frames or metallic shades, as they can create a brighter and more spacious atmosphere. Select oversized art or commissioned murals that depict scenes from nature to simulate the view from a window. Images of the sky, trees, or water can evoke positive emotions and generate a sense of outdoor connection. Considering the impact of your office environment on your business, observe how your team interacts and produces in a space with limited natural light. Simple changes in office decor, especially the best light bulbs for offices with no windows, can enhance creativity, productivity, and mood. Investing in office improvements can also reinforce your company values and brand identity.

  • Choose Light-Colored Office Furniture

When trying to brighten up a windowless office, it is important to carefully consider your office furniture selection. Opting for a light-colored office desk can be a smart decision because light colors have the ability to reflect light rather than absorb it. As a result, having light-colored furniture can naturally enhance the brightness of your office space.

  • Consider the Open Office Layout

If you work in a team, choosing an open office layout can be a smart approach to minimize the need for additional lighting in your windowless office. This layout, characterized by the absence of partitions, creates a more expansive workspace that tends to be brighter in comparison.

  • Select the Right Spot for Placing Your Desk

When planning to create a brighter workspace, it is crucial to carefully select the location for your desk. Make sure that your desk is not positioned facing the wall, as this can obstruct light and prevent you from being aware of who is entering the room.

  • Select Indoor Windows, French Doors, and Transform Windows

For areas in your office where privacy is not a major concern, such as conference rooms, you may consider converting a doorway into French doors or installing frosted glass windows between rooms. This can create a sense of light and spaciousness.

If you prefer to maintain privacy, you can still bring light from one room to another by incorporating unique features, such as a transom window above office doors. These options allow light to pass through the glass separations, creating a window-like effect and the illusion of natural daylight. To address privacy concerns, you can add light draperies that can be closed when needed.

Windowless Office Light Ideas

Ceiling Lights

Adding additional ceiling lights will provide uniform lighting throughout the room and create a comfortable environment for your eyes. This is a practical solution for windowless offices as it eliminates the need for light-colored fixtures to prevent direct glare from artificial light sources.

  • Track Systems

For linear lights, you can consider using pendant lights. Pendant lights are a popular choice for illuminating various spaces, including offices. They come in different styles and designs, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your windowless office. You can hang pendant lights at different heights to create a visually appealing look, and they can provide both functional and aesthetic lighting. They are a great option to add brightness and style to your workspace.

Please note that I am unable to provide links directly, but you can search for pendant lights on the Centerlight website or other lighting retailers to explore the available options.

  • Linear LED Lighting

Linear suspension lighting is a suitable choice for adding extra light for working over a desk. However, it may be advisable to avoid using these lights in high-traffic areas if you have low ceilings.

  • Round Lights

Round lights are a versatile option for windowless offices. They provide uniform illumination and can be installed on the ceiling or walls to create a well-lit environment. You can explore options for round lights on the Centerlight website.

  • Flush Mount

Flush mount lighting is a popular choice for windowless office lighting due to its versatility and ability to illuminate an entire room. With a wide range of styles available, flush-mount lights are an effective solution for brightening up a windowless office space.

Cove Lighting

Consider incorporating cove lighting in specific areas of your office, such as the entryway, desk edges, seating area, or any dark corners. Cove lighting not only brightens up the office but also adds an aesthetic touch. It is an effective lighting solution for windowless offices as it provides indirect lighting by directing light toward the ceiling or adjacent walls, creating a natural and visually pleasing effect. Cove lighting can illuminate specific areas like your desk or seating area, and it can also serve as ambient lighting for the entryway or dark corners of your home office.

Desk and Floor Lamps

Desk accessories like a desk lamp can be a great addition to your windowless office for better lighting. Consider getting a desk lamp with adjustable light intensities and temperatures, such as the Autonomous desk lamp, to provide effective lighting for your office desk. Floor lamps are also a good option for brightening up your office space, allowing you to adjust their height to meet your lighting requirements. Instead of relying solely on overhead lights, lamps can provide task lighting and reduce glare. They can be individually controlled to provide direct or indirect lighting as needed. Floor lamps are especially flexible for small offices with windowless areas, as they give off brighter lighting and can be easily adjusted in position. Desk lamps are ideal for small to medium-sized rooms, offering the ability to position them to avoid direct glare on computer screens and providing task lighting for specific needs.


In conclusion, illuminating a windowless office can be challenging, but with the right lighting solutions and design choices, you can create a bright and inviting workspace. By simulating natural light, using LED lights, choosing light wall colors, incorporating plants, reflecting light with mirrors, adding art pieces, selecting light-colored furniture, considering the open office layout, and strategically placing your desk, you can enhance the ambiance and productivity of your windowless office.

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