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Does your installer read the instruction?

Jan. 11, 2021

As you know, Different types of LED linear fixtures that Centerlight offers have different installation process. And regardless of the installer’s experience, it is imperative to read instructions before the installation, especially when the installer work with Centerlight LED linear fixtures for the first time.

We have been experiencing some technical difficulties with overconfident installers that completely ignore some, if not ALL, of the installation steps. Mainly in large projects. On one of the projects with Centerlight recessed lights, the installer completely ignored a simple installation step and did not clean the surface of the internal part of the liner fixture before the LED strip attachment.

The internal surface part was covered with construction dust, and the adhesive side of the LED strip did not adhere sufficiently. Over a short period, it led to the detachment of the entire LED strip. Instead of contacting Centerlight for technical support, the installer decided to apply a random glue on the LED strip’s adhesive side to reattach it. The glue mixed with construction dust did not hold the strip as well. The installer then decided to purchase a new LED strip without discussing the issue with the Centerlight team. Again, without adequately cleaning leftovers of the dried glue and construction dust, the new LED did not hold and detached over a short period of time after their installer had finished construction.

This understandably became an issue for our client, and only then were we informed. After inspecting the light, our installer determined what caused the problem. Centerlight’s installer fixed the problem; however, the client was already frustrated at this time. Centerlight wants to provide an excellent experience from beginning to end, so we encourage you to instruct your installer to follow all installation steps and contact our technical support for any questions.

Conclusion: there is nothing complicated in the installation process, but merely reading instruction can save time and money for the client. All pre-installation steps mustn’t be ignored; otherwise, a straightforward missing step can lead to significant damage.

If you are currently struggling with one of the installation processes, please do not hesitate and contact a Centerlight Inc. representative directly and clearly explain the situation.