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'Creative Office Lighting' Wins Big at Muse Designs Awards!!

May 31, 2021

Centerlight continues its streak at the Muse Design Awards with 'Creative Office Space' rewarded the silver in the category of Retail & Commercial (Interior Lighting). This is a great accomplishment for Centerlight and the high-end custom projects that we provide.

‘Lighting matters, because it is one of the most important aspects in designer LED lights. Affecting the mood, emotion and feel, a single source of illumination can help enhance and elevate beautiful designs to a whole new level.’ -  Muse Design Awards

The custom project completed for dots SPACE in Beverly Hills, California required an approach that was as ingenious at the contemporary co-working space itself. Here, a combination of recessed, partly-recessed, and surface-mounted High-end LED linear lights came together in perfect harmony to create a fancy finished product that is bold enough to make a statement but subtle enough to never detract from the office’s collaborative atmosphere. To keep the look of the Beverly Hills upscale space fresh and cutting-edge, we gave each section its own individual premium LED lighting style. In the common room we placed partly-recessed high-end LED linear lights in a seemingly random pattern, which added premium visual impact to the open workspace. The individual offices, conference room, and kitchen area featured custom premium LED linear lights in a more uniform layout. But it’s the hallway’s surface mounted LED RGBW rectangles that add drama and elegance to this vibrant project.