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Advantages of custom LED linear lighting

Oct. 6, 2020

When embarking on a new project, whether residential or commercial, lighting is an elemental part. However, when the goal is to create stunning features and exceptional ambiance, lighting is essential.

All new construction home or commercial space requires lighting. Most of the standard lighting on the market is pretty dull. Sometimes, our clients look for something outstanding and Centerlight offers an exclusive custom type of linear lighting. Over the years Centerlight team has built dozens of amazing custom linear lights projects for unique interior and exterior designs.

Many people imagine custom lighting as ridiculously expensive and complicated, but in reality, custom lighting is not that complicated, and Centerlight offers powerful solutions and affordable linear lights. For example, a custom linear fixture above the kitchen island. If you are looking to have a modern style light in your kitchen, you need to look into linear pendant lights. With Centerlight, you can choose the fixture's desirable lengths shorter or longer than the kitchen island. That is very convenient and does not require any heavy involvement. Any custom project becomes easy, especially with a variety of Centerlight's linear lights that are modern and very esthetic looking.

Another benefit of choosing Centerlight's custom linear lighting is the ability to create complicated layouts. The perfect example of this is the Inscape project: Awesome custom LED linear light. Designers made a futuristic lighting design for the Inscape showroom in Chicago. The whole setup was as one giant net of continuous light with over 450 linear feet. It was a very complicated project, even for Centerlight, but we built the whole layout within a short time, and the client was satisfied with the lighting.

Custom lighting is necessary for current construction development, from a single pendant linear fixture in private homes to complicated layouts in commercial projects.