CENTERLIGHT offers sophisticated high-end custom LED lighting solutions for residential and commercial spaces. We help our clients - architectural firms, interior designers, developers, and manufacturers - turn their lighting designs and ideas into a radiant reality. With that said, we are also open to the general public and often work directly with home or business owners to help them elevate their interior and exterior spaces. Along with custom work, we offer exclusive LED lighting, such as linear fixtures and magnetic lighting systems, all with the highest price to value ratio.

From a simple linear fixture to an elaborate lighting layout system - bring your lighting idea to us, and we will fulfill it. Illuminate your interiors in a unique and eye-catching style; the custom LED lighting from CENTERLIGHT is guaranteed to create the breathtaking atmosphere you have been dreaming of.

Business standards
  • High Quality LED

    Years of custom manufacturing experience and extreme attention to detail ensure that the products you receive from CENTERLIGHT are of the highest quality. Every single component of every LED lighting fixture and projects we create aligns with our standard of excellence. Add on a great warranty and product exchange program. We do not just want to meet our client's expectations - we want to exceed them.

  • Deep Dive

    At CENTERLIGHT, nothing is more important for us than developing relationships with our clients. We realize all the difficulties of developing and designing unique custom lighting, but we welcome every challenge with a profound sense of excitement. We also want to keep our clients in the loop about every project's technical and visual aspects. From conception to completion, you can rely on us.

  • Professionalism

    CENTERLIGHT is one of the industry leaders when it comes to customer service - we work directly with our clients and consider their satisfaction our top priority. Our sales team will go out to your site, evaluate the space, take measurements, offer ideas, and fixture samples. The lead time is incredibly fast. We do not pass off other people's work as our own. Instead, we develop each lighting fixture specifically for you.


We seek to create visually stunning, long-lasting, high-quality products for our clients in impressively short lead time. We do this by completing every aspect of each project in-house at our Los Angeles production facility.


Ultimately, our goal is to satisfy our clients' needs by providing them with stunning craftsmanship and excellent customer service.  CENTERLIGHT LED lighting fixtures will transform your interior or exterior spaces and provide you with an ambiance that is nothing short of extraordinary.