Elegant custom LED pendant light

Made to order elegant pendant LED linear lights.
Out of our LED linear fixture series we are able to make any kind of rectangular or square shapes. These pendant LED linear rectangles were made to order specifically for our client. We are proud to make any dimension pendant rectangles or squares within short period of time, here in Los Angeles. Benefits of our company are full customization, variety of choices and fast lead time. Full customization of Centerlight LED linear fixtures allows us to make rectangular and square shapes of any dimensions out of most linear fixtures. For this project our client required three different sizes of the pendant LED linear rectangular lights to be very slim and give moderate amour of light. Our first choice was the linear fixture NS.3691, each linear feet of the fixture is giving about 500 lumens. Warm white LED strip inside perfectly combined with color temperature of the chandeliers the client already purchased. It took us less than a week to make these fully dimmable beautiful LED pendant linear lights. Beside full customization and fast lead time we offer variety of fixtures that can be turned into rectangular lights with different type of output lighting such as warm or cold color temperatures, remote control color lights and desirable lumen output.

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