Custom LED lighting for cozy environment

Fully designed and developer by Standard Architectural Firm with support of Centerlight’s team.
The entire store area consists variety of different lighting solutions. From Zigzag shape suspended linear fixture to Invisible cove lighting.
Regardless of different lighting purposes, all lighting fixtures harmonically combined with each other. In order to create a very cozy atmosphere, warm white DreamLED tape with high CRI was a requirement for all lighting zones

The main accent of the store is the zig-zag counter and Centerlight’s job was to make a suspended lighting fixture that would follow that shape of a counter. We were able to create a very beautiful fixture out of linear light model NS.5050 with strong connections and no dark spots. Only beautiful continues lighting.

The Invisible cove lighting was achieved by installing DREAMLED tape behind the second wall. Properly placed LED tape illuminate possibility of hot spots and creates continuous, wall washing line of light that shining down the wall.

The light behind the shelves was created with decorative type of fixture nugl.1515. Full customization of any of Centerlight’s linear fixtures allows to perfectly fit the light for any shelve to create backlit surface.

For the custom made rectangular mirrors with recessed diffusers around all sides of the mirror, our choice was just a Dream LED tape Gold X2. As recessed diffusers were preinstalled to the side of each mirror, only backlight for diffusers was required.

The side lights for the mirrors in makeup room was part of the interior design. Installed mirrors required recessed side lights from the top to the bottom edges of a mirror. Universal use of many Centerlight’s fixtures allows us to surface mounted, suspend or recessed almost each type of variety of linear fixtures. The Centerlight’s team choose NS.5050 as the perfect recessed side light for the mirrors. With the perfect cut we were able to fit the fixture from the top edge to the bottom edge of each mirror in makeup room and it fully met the requirements of interior design.

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