Outdoor garden LED lighting

Entertainment and stylish recessed lights in private house for the beautiful exterior garden.

The main purpose of this lights is to create a pleasurable and relaxing atmosphere in the garden and for a poker room located next to it.
Very simple and elegant RGB lighting is adding a creative touch to amazing design. Any of all variety of RGB colors fill the environment with mellow shine that covers the whole garden.

Previously, working with client on different project Centerlight’s team knew exactly what client’s preferences are.
Middle sized recessed linear fixture VS.6332 is what we choose for the project. Relatively small fixture that gives decent amount of light is perfect for moderate size exterior or interior locations.

Surrounding wood structures were build over statue a specifically as part of the design. Centerlight installation team has done an outstanding and clean job at the location. All custom cuts and connections were prepared during the installation and whole project was finished in very short time.

To fulfill the requirements for the exterior locations Centerlight has developed a special LED tape called DreamLED shell
series. Placed in protected silicon casing the LED tape is safe from outside weather changes but still very flexible as regular DreamLED tape.

The lighting fixtures with RGB colors are fully controllable with Centerlight’s remote. Being placed in the poker room next to a garden it is very easy to change the colors or set a basic light flow in variety of patterns.

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