Ambient Lighting For Small Spaces

Assignment: Ambient Lighting For Small Spaces

Client: Private residence

Location: Los Angeles, California

Luminaire Base: VS.4932

The Project

There’s nothing impressive or exciting about the pre-installed lighting that comes standard in new constructions. Bulky chandeliers or cheap can lighting can make your interiors look dated, no matter how stylish the décor is within your living spaces. To create the designer-inspired look you’ve been dreaming of, consider introducing custom lighting fixtures into your favorite areas.

Technical Aspects

In this small yet impactful space, our client wanted white general lighting that could instantly transform into color RGB lighting at the touch of a button. To turn this idea into a colorful reality, we used chameleon platinum LED strips. An ideal option for any residential space in need of an upgrade, they offer high lumen/ft output, controllable RGB color options, and low power consumption. Striking and stylish, these LEDs will make even your smallest spaces merely unforgettable.

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