LED linear light for DOTS co-working space

An ingenious LED lighting layout for an ingenious place. The entire area of an office space has several sections. Each of the section has it’s own individual LED lighting style; from randomly located, partly-recessed LED linear lights in common room to a very slick, modern LED linear lights in the private offices.

The office have a variety of LED linear light types installed, and perfectly combined together; recessed, partly-recessed and surface mounted. All offices, conference room and the kitchen area have recessed LED linear fixture vs.4932. All of LED recessed vs.4932 lights located very close to each other and yet, every single LED fixture has its specific area to lit up. And no other lights interfere with each other. Recessed LED linear fixture vs.4932 contained a single LED strip with 430lm/ft, moderate amount of light for an office space.

Partly-recessed LED linear fixture ns.1911 installed in the common area. The LED fixture itself has a 3-way type of diffuser and thin aluminum base that is very convenient for surface mounting and partly-recessed installation. A single LED strip inside provides about 240 lm/ft which is perfect for an area with several lights installed next to each other.

The most fascinating part of the office is several surface mounted LED RGBW rectangles in the hall way. The biggest benefit of Centerlight’s LED linear lights is full customization. LED linear lights can be cut, extended with connectors and adjusted for any installation type. The client choose very compact LED linear fixture ns.4932 that capable of holding two rows of LED strip inside. The LED strip itself is the DREAMLED series Chameleon Platinum. RGB with day white (4000K), this combination allows to light just RGB colors, just white or RGB with white. Chameleon Platinum is very unique LED tape and can be used for entertainment atmosphere or just white for general lighting and both for creating new color tones and shades.

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