Quietly Bright series LED Circle Magnetic Track Pendant Set

An elusive luminaire sight, with a clear-cut luminescence, this round magnetic track pendant from Quietly Bright is a stylish yet functional lighting solution. It is perfect for those who want a soft but bright light to light up a commercial building, you can also use this set as a reading light when placed near your favorite chair. The track can be mounted on the ceiling to provide light for a large area or on the wall to provide ambient light or task lighting. In addition, the pieces include a LED circle pendant Set that's perfect for your office spaces, kitchen island or dining room. There are no limits to where you can mount these lights — you can even string them up over your home's entryway to greet visitors.

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Quietly Bright – LED Circle Magnetic Track Pendant Set

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Specifications LED Circle Magnetic Track Pendant Set:

  • Fixture:

    Quietly Bright – LED Circle Magnetic Track Pendant Set

  • Body color:

    White / Black

  • Fixture Type:

    Circular Magnetic Track LED Light Fixture

  • Color Temperature:

    3000K / 3500K / 4000K

  • CRI:


  • Dimming:

    0-10V / 1-10V

  • Dimensions:

    35” Diameter

  • Input voltage:

    100-277 VAC

  • Power consumption:


  • Lumen output:


  • Color temperature

  • Body Color


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