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You can express your individuality by selecting unusual colors and multilevel control lighting. Also, you can choose the good old classics in a new form and highlight with soft or cold white light the things that are important to you.

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CENTERLIGHT offers sophisticated lighting decisions, which are developed and installed by taking into account all specifications of the space and any requirements of designer or architectural projects. Only in CENTERLIGHT you can order at once all parts and items for creating the ambiance with the help of LED structures, and which is even more important, installation of these units. Highly qualified CENTERLIGHT experts will implement a project of any difficulty level and any volume with ease. With more than three years of experience, we can say that GENTERLIGHT masters are able to handle the projects which became a failure for others and left behind spoiled walls and nerves of a customer. Yes, you guessed it right: we are ready to correct the faults of others and guarantee the highest quality at the same time.

RGBW custom made LED linear light for awesome bathroom
Custom LED Linear Light for modern office space Los-Angeles
Custom LED Linear lights made for luxurious house in Los Angeles
Centerlight's suspended custom made LED linear lights for Inscape

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Custom lighting requires an additional effort and skill sets such as aluminum cutting, soldering, wiring, work with acrylic. You have to be 100% sure that your general or electrical contractors will handle the installation precisely and accurately. In any case, we highly recommend you to use our installation service.

Here is an example of how random installers attempted to install the lighting without necessary skills. After such an installations our clients ended up paying twice as much as we originally purposed.

Unknown team
Centerlight team
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Dimmable & compatible with intelligent controllers

All Centerlight lights are compatible with most of smart houses and other controllers as long as they have DMX 512 or 0-10 interface. For regular dimmers, please choose any compatible dimmer according to your LED driver type.

The list of compatible Dimmers

DIY components

DIY components are aluminum extrusions and LED tape that can be purchased separately, just as material for light. It is good for the specialists in furniture industry, cabinet making, custom house projects and other places.

Aluminum extrusions

Over ten different extrusions for LED tape. Each set comes with 4 end cups, aluminum extrusion and diffusor, some models also comes with mounting clips.

LED strip

DREAMLED LED Strip - the first LED tape, created for North American market. UL approved.

Power supplies

Electromagnetic and Electronic power supplies with different dimming capabilities. Indoors/Outdoors. UL/ETL approved.

Remote controls

Deluxe remote controls for dimming and RGBW color change.