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CENTERLIGHT offers sophisticated lighting decisions, which are developed and installed by taking into account all specifications of the space and any requirements of designer or architectural projects.

Only in CENTERLIGHT you can order at once all parts and items for creating the ambiance with the help of LED structures, and which is even more important,

Highly qualified CENTERLIGHT experts will implement a project of any difficulty level and any volume with ease. With more than three years of experience, we can say that GENTERLIGHT masters are able to handle the projects which became a failure for others and left behind spoiled walls and nerves of a customer. Yes, you guessed it right: we are ready to correct the faults of others and guarantee the highest quality at the same time.

Let us complement the words of a live classic and an American legend Leonard Cohen and say that we know of one more way of light penetrating into any physical space, whether it is an office, a bedroom, a garage, a sound recording studio or a massage salon. And this way – is the installation of CENTERLIGHT LED system. And trust us: no cracks!

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Hight quality

High quality of products and services of CENTERLIGHT is ensured by great attention to all external and internal processes. We respect each of our partners and clients and at the same time we follow high standards of corporate culture which help us to fully meet expectations and even exceed them.

Deep dive

We thrive to develop and want to see the development of our partners and clients. Every day we set new ambitious goals and use all our efforts to achieve them. We are also ready to promote professional or creative growth of our partners, that is why we are always open to everything new and take upon offered projects with great enthusiasm.


CENTERLIGHT pays special attention to education and support of the employees. Thanks to the professional atmosphere built on trust in our team we can guarantee the highest level of rendered services. High development level of corporate culture ensures a healthy staff environment which means that your project will always be implemented by people who know how to work smoothly and effectively.




Every day we monitor compliance with the quality standards of our units (all CENTERLIGHT products have UL 1598 Luminaires and Title 24 certificates of authenticity) and the quality of offered service.


Each CENTERLIGHT expert goes through professional training under supervision of experienced instructors; and only after passing relevant tests they are permitted to work with the lighting systems.


We value highly our partners and clients and always aim to outperform expectations, so that each project turns out ideal. We are also always ready to approach partners and clients individually to make sure that our business together is remembered only in a positive way.

Creative approach

We are ready to undertake projects of any difficulty and any volume and are not afraid of ambitious or non-standard assignments. Our experts are always ready to give a piece of advice in regards to a design project or plan, since each of them is a real expert in LED lighting.


We intend to make the lives of our clients lighter and thus happier. We offer the highest quality of our services and promise compliance with the best world standards. So that each space illuminated by us is filled with special meaning and fulfils its purpose.

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